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Quality Ingredients

A harmonious blend of the finest quality leaves, properly cured. Each blend is unique, and each has a solid quality rating.

Careful Selection

Each cigar was hand-selected for the perfect wrapper, tobacco, curing process, and storage capability. Discover our exclusive selection below.

Supplier Exclusivity

The Magnolia Cigar Company has a premier partnership with Espinosa Cigars® as their exclusive manufacturer. This ensures the highest quality ingredients and processes are always on the forefront.

Wilmington Island

Our signature cigar, and a favorite on Wilmington Island…hence the name!  Made with Nicaraguan filler this cigar provides a beautiful spicy, full-bodied smoke.  The wrapper is Ecuadorian imparting a combination of sweet and peppery flavor that compliments the filler nicely and provides good draw and burn.  This is the perfect cigar for porch sitting watching the sun set on the marsh with your favorite libation!  Size:  6 x 60

La Candela

This beautifully hand-crafted cigar is a great conversation starter.  The filler is Nicaraguan from Dominican Seed giving it a milder, smooth smoke.  The unique wrapper is a blend of dark Maduro, Candela, and Connecticut Broadleaf.  The Maduro leaf is a leaf that has been left on the plant longer and allowed to air dry, then processed with heat and/or pressure to bring out the oils giving it the dark color and imparting a more robust flavor.  The Candela has a green hue that is due to a heat process that seals in some of the chlorophyll giving the young leaf a very mild flavor.  This is all balanced by the Connecticut Broadleaf.  The Connecticut River Valley offers just the right climate for wrapper-leaf tobacco.  It produces a mild, smooth, consistent smoke.  This cigar makes a great gift for a friend or for yourself!  Size:  6 x 52

Espinosa Crema

Made by our supplier, Espinosa Cigars, we are honored to offer this cigar.  This exquisite Churchill is made with Nicaraguan filler and Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper giving it a smooth, creamy, even burn with a nice balance of nuts and spices.  What a great smoke for those slow, sultry Sunday mornings with your favorite coffee and newspaper.  Size: 7 x 48

Moon River

Our hand-crafted Gordo is made with Nicaraguan filler and Connecticut Shade wrapper.  This cigar imparts a mild to medium-intense flavor of white pepper, cedar and cream.  It’s truly a beautiful smooth smoke, like floating down Moon River on a hot, lazy day.  Size: 6 x 60

Espinosa Pier 28 Oscuro Perfecto

This is the creation of Tim Wong for Espinosa.  Oscuro means dark, and this cigar uses a nice Brazilian Oscuro wrapper giving it a nice sheen and robust flavor.  The filler is Nicaraguan and the combination of the filler and wrapper provide a bolder, more woodsy smoke.  This cigar has a nozzle-like extension at the foot and a tapered cap.  Due to this shape, the early smoke is slightly peppery.  As the smoke continues, it opens into the earthy, woodsy robust flavor this cigar is known for.  This is a go-to for our clientele that like their scotch neat and their cigars bold!  Size: 5 ½ x 56


This Habano Gordo is made with Nicaraguan filler and Habano wrapper providing a more intense smoking experience.  Think of coffee, cedar, leather and spices all rolled into one cigar.  This might be your go-to after a meal of medium-rare ribeye and a hearty Cab!  Size:  6 x 60

What Our Customers Say

Savannahians and their friends come together to enjoy the camaraderie and pleasure of a good cigar. 

Excellent experience, just made my first online order and the packaging was robust and well put together. Shipping arrived the next day and cigars were placed in a wonderful hardwood box with my full selection nicely organized and prepared to enjoy!
Alexis F.
I met them at Savannah Harley Davidson! Very knowledgeable about cigars, excellent folks to talk to, and their cigars are wonderful as well as an excellent price!
Mike S.
We had Magnolia Cigar Company come for a cigar bar for our wedding. It was a huge hit for the guests! We met them at several pop up events before, so we knew exactly who to hire when we decided to have a cigar bar at the wedding. Kelly and Becky were fantastic to work with during the booking process, and also at the event. My husband wanted specific covers and custom bands, and we received exactly what he wanted. At the event, they showed up on time, asked for nothing from us for the set up, and had a beautiful display with real tobacco leaves decor. We had guests who have never smoked a cigar before and wanted to try it. Kelly and Becky taught the guests about the cigars and what to do. We ordered 75 cigars for a 130 person event and I think there were only 5 left. We were able to keep them at the end of the night. We cannot thank Magnolia Cigar Company enough for their outstanding service and cigars!
Cara K.
The Espinosa Crema was an excellent cigar. I tasted hickory and macadamia notes, with a long finish. It paired well with my beer, but I wish it had been a nice strong cab that night instead. Next time for sure! I love their lounge seating setup, it's a very nice touch.
Truman G.
Excellent customer service and the best cigars I've had in a VERY LONG TIME. We will be buying again.
Dawn K.

Best of Savannah 2023

We are humbled to say that within our first year in business, we have won Best Cigars in the city. Come taste the difference at our next event, or contact us to arrange cigar event catering. 

Best of Savannah 2023

We are humbled to say that within our first year in business, we have won Best Cigars in the city. Come taste the difference at our next event, or contact us to arrange cigar event catering. 

Light Up the Night

Elevate your weekend and join us for a Magnolia Cigar Event. Stay for a smoke, or stock up on all your favorites. 

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